Appearance  An almost colourless or pale – yellowish liquid, miscible with water, soluble in acetone and in alcohol
    Identification  First identification      : A,B.
    Second identification B,C,D.
    Relative density 1.06 to 1.07
    pH       Dilute 5.0 ml to 100.0 ml with carbon dioxide free water R. The pH of  the solution is 5.5 to 7.0.
    Chloroaniline            To comply with BP test
    Related substances To comply with BP test
    Purity  Chlorhexidine digluconate solution is an aqueous solution which contains not less than 190 g/l. and not more than 210 g/l. of  1,1′-hexamethylenebis[5-(4-chlorophenyl)-biguanide]di(D-digluconate)
    Colour test Absorbance not more than 0.03 at 480 nm




    It is disinfect and antiseptic medicine; bactericide, strong function of broad-spectrum bacteriostasis, sterilization; take effective for kill gram-positive bacteria gram-negative bacteria; used for disinfecting hands, skin, washing wound.




    Package & Storage:


    Package:250kg/drum or as your request.


    Storage Situation: Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container. Keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.


    Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.

  • When fresh ginger is sun-dried it becomes dry ginger. Dried ginger is powdered and used in gravies, marinades and tea. Ginger is known for its medicinal properties. If ginger is unpeeled and then dried, it is called brown ginger. As opposed to this, if it is peeled and dried, then it is called white ginger. We pack the ginger in jute bags. We can also customise the packing on buyer request. Dried Ginger is nothing but fresh ginger which undergoes a drying process before being used. The fresh rhizomes are soaked in water overnight after which the outer peel is carefully removed using a knife or a peeler. They are washed again and then sun dried on mats or barbecues for around a week. During this period, they are turned periodically. The end result is a pale white dried ginger.

  • UREA N 46%

    Urea prilled
    Urea granular
    Particle size
    Use in industry or agriculture, we export to Asean,Asia,Africa.
  • We export red onions in a variety of sizes. These onions are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is known to lower the risk of heart disease. We procure GERMANY Red Onions from well-known agriculturists and framers. The onions are organically cultivated without the use of any harmful pesticides and chemicals. We take 5kg to 50 kg orders. We use mesh and jute bags to pack the onions. Our onions are wholesome, fresh and hygienically packed.

    We are topmost Red Onion Exporters from GERMANY. We procure GERMANY Red Onion from well-known agriculturists and framers that assure our customers of our authenticity. These onions are uniform in size. Our fresh red onions add rich flavour and texture to any cuisine. The quantity and packing is done as per customer specification.




    Brand: Smart Copy

    Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)

    Weight: 80gsm

    Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp

    Color: Natural White

    Grade: All purpose Premium Paper

    Sheet in Ream: 500

    Materials: 100% wood pulp


    Technical Specification:-

    Brightness: 102 %( Class A)

    Whiteness: 102-104%,Natural White

    Capability: High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser

    Surface Roughness TS ml/min: 75-175

    Surface Roughness BS ml/min: 100-200

    Bending Stiffness MD: >110 Mn

    Bending Stiffness CD: >50 Mn

    CIE whiteness: 148-152

    Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33

    Thickness: 103-110 um

    Opacity: 95%

    Tensile MD: 6.2 Kg/15mm

    Tensile CD: 2.5 Kg/15 mm

    Moisture: 4.70%


    Key Performance:-

    – No jam in photocopy machine

    – No double feed

    – Stay flat after copying

    – Leave no dust in the copy-machine

    – Nice appearance-white and clean

    – Nice touch-smooth and bulky

    – No see through-print both sides


    Best For Use with your:-

    – Photocopier

    – Laser Printer

    – Fax Machine

    – Ink-jet

    – Copier

    – 2 side copying


    Packaging & Delivery:-

    – 500 Sheets per Ream

    – 5 Reams per Box

    – 1560 Boxes per 20ft container (With Pallet)

    – 1600 Boxes Per 20ft container (Without Pallet)

    – 7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL (With Pallet)

    – 8000 Reams Total in one 20FCL (Without Pallet)


    Colour White
    Black specks No./CM²≤ ≤9.0
    Moisture % ≤20.0
    pH value 6.0-8.0
    Protein %≤ ≤0.20
    Sieve % w/w≥ ≥99.00
    Whiteness %≥ ≥88.00
    Peak Viscosity ≥ ≥900BU
    Ash content % ≤ ≤0.45
    µs Conductivitg rate ≤ ≤200
    SO2 mg/kg ≤ ≤20
    As mg/kg ≤ ≤0.30
    Pb mg/kg ≤ ≤0.50
    Total viable counter cfu/g ≤ ≤10000
    Yeast and Mould ≤ ≤1000
    Coliform MPN/100g ≤ ≤70
    STORAGE CONDITIONS keep in a dry place’ Dry, clean and airy rooms, free of foreign scents
    Packaging – Big Bag 1000 kg’ according to the client’s requirements valve paper bags (multilayered) 25 kg

    – paper bags 1 kg

    – foit coated paper bags (heat sealed) 0,5 kg

    Supply Ability 31,500 Metric Ton
    MOQ 100MT
    Origin Germany

    Brand Century
    Product Type Copier Paper
    Series Star
    Weight: 75gsm
    Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
    Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
    Color: Natural White
    Grade: All purpose Premium Paper
    Sheet in Ream: 500
    Materials: 100% wood pulp


    Product Type: Sauce
    Type: Peanut Butter
    Taste: Tender and crunchy
    Color: Brown
    Packaging: Bottle
    Certification: BRC, FDA, HACCP, KOSHER
    Brix (%): 8 %
    Additives: None
    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Place of Origin: Italy / USA
    Model Number: Non-GMO Creamy Peanut butter
    Raw Material: 100% Peanut
    Packing: Pet Bottle
    Flavor: Tastes stronger and savoury

    Packaging Details:

    210g*24 bottles/carton 2900 cartons/20’FCL
    340g*24 bottles/carton 1900 cartons/20’FCL
    510g*24bottles/carton 1450 cartons/20’FCL


    Items Specification
    MI 255-264 Degrees
    IV 0.73-0.83
    PVC < 1ppm
    Labels Paper
    Caps/Rings PP/PE



    Baled Bottles:


    Pre-consumer (Post-industrial, without caps, rings or labels)

    Post-consumer with caps, rings and labels



    Bottle color composition:


        80% Clear

        15% Light blue

        5% Green




        Flakes washed or unwashed in 50 Kg used PP bags, 25 Mt. in each 40′ HQ Container

        Bales 50X50X80 cm at 80 Kg/Bale 18-19 Mt. in each 40′ HQ Container


    Parameter Value
    Starch 85% min
    Moisture 13% max
    Ash 0.25% max
    Pulp 0.25 ml/50 g max
    pH 5-7
    Whiteness 90% min
    Viscosity 650 BU min
    SO2 150 ppm max

    NA2O % 28.7-30.0
    SiO2 % 27.8-29.2
    Fe(PPM) 100 max
    Water insoluble % 0.05 max
    Bulk Density(g/cm3) 0.80-0.97
    Partical Size(16-30mesh) % 90 min
    Whiteness % 80 min
    PH of 0.1% Solution 12-13
    Appearance very small white granular


    Country of Origin: Germany

    Packing: 25kg PP + PE bags, 24MT per 20′ FCL

    Minimum Order: 2 x 20′ FCL


    Items Specification
    Type Cast Iron Scrap
    Iron 90% min
    Fe Content 99%
    C 3.3-4.5
    Si 1.60-3.20
    Mn 0.8
    P 0.2
    S 0.5
    Weight 5-25Kg
    Spec DXL 30X20mm,40X20mm,1-15mm, 2-8mm etc
    Origin Germany
    MOQ 50 Tons
    Capacity 94,000 Tons
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